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Phil Taylor Power 9Five Gen 9 Swiss Point Darts 95 Tungsten

The Power 9Five Generation 9 was created and designed in collaboration with the 16 X World Champion. The result is a high-precision 95% tungsten barrel with the perfect weight and balance.

The barrel offers a high level of CNC milling throughout with extreme detail. The barrel features 3 grip areas, the front is a chrome nano-based grip which then moves to a combination of machine-milled rings with subtle detail. Lastly, at the rear is a unique design that features a ‘square’ like grip which was created using high-precision milling machines.

The black PVD performance-coated dart is then finished with an exclusive Phil Taylor G9 Shaft, Nano Swiss Point and exclusive Taylor G9 flights.

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What’s In The Box

3 x Dart Barrels
3 x G9 Titanium Short Shafts
3 x 9-Five G9 Designed Number Vapor S Flights
3 x 26mm Silver Nano Swiss Points
1 x Swiss Point Tool


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