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Owen The Master Bates Darts 90 Tungsten

The Loxley Owen Bates Steel Tip Darts Set, a must-have for professional dart players and enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and quality, these darts boast a brand synonymous with excellence, Loxley. Made from 90% tungsten, they offer superior durability and exceptional balance. Choose from two weight options, 22g or 24g, to suit your throwing style. With dimensions designed for optimal performance, these darts guarantee precision and accuracy on the dartboard. The set includes three darts, three dart flights, and three dart shafts, ensuring you have everything you need for a thrilling game.

Dart Dimensions:

22g – 6.35mm x 54mm
24g – 6.7mm x 54.25mm
Loxley Owen ‘The Master’ Bates 90% Darts Contains: 3 Darts, 3 Dart Flights and 3 Dart Shafts.


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