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Michael Smith Tenacious Darts 90 Tungsten

When times get tough, this steadfast, 90% tungsten, front-weighted barrel has your back. Designed in close collaboration with PDC World Champion Michael Smith, Tenacious is crafted by Shot Dartisans for prestige and precision. A red, jet and platinum triple threat, this 90% Tungsten, black titanium coated barrel features an arrow-sharp red V indent, a tribute to Michael’s hometown St Helens.

Barrel Design

‍Vertical red mill cuts on the nose offer a place to rest a fingertip. A firm front grip of alternating rings cut with a radius mill offers a multi-faceted grip that releases smoothly. Black grid-cut rings at the center create a push point; as the barrel diameter changes, the grip stays secure. Followed by Michael Smith’s signature St Helens V cut into the barrel, machined grooves bolster hold. An extra groove sits at the tail – for players that grip from the shaft.


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