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Games with Darts

Games with Darts – Dartskins 6 game pack

Get going with these great games to fit over your dartboard. The lifespan of a single skin is approximately 2000+ dart throws.

This 6 pack includes:

Dartskins Golf, Dartskins Pool, Dartskins Cricket, Dartskins Flying Lap, Dartskins In-Betweens 101, Dartskins Tennis, rules and pins for setup and game play.


Whether you’re hitting big sixes or taking wickets, Dartskins Cricket is fun for all skill levels. Scoring is fast and furious, but wayward ‘arrows’ will result in wickets lost. Be patient, hit the gaps in the field and make sure you bat out the overs.

Flying Lap

Warm up your dart throwing arm and be ready for a Flying lap around the Dartskins Race Track. Any number of players can play, and you choose the number of laps. Watch out for the hazards, and propel yourself through the turns and straights by hitting key targets on the way to a Flying Lap.


Clear the Dartskin Pool Table by potting your balls before your opponent does. Don’t forget rules apply, you don’t want to hit your opponent’s coloured balls when aiming for yours. Once you have potted the black the game is won and you can say “Rack ’em up and I’ll break first”.

In-Betweens 101

If you want to improve your dart grouping then Dartskins In-Betweens 101 is the game to play. Easy to learn, but it will take time to master. This game can be played in a variety of ways to further fine tune your ability to hit tight targets. For the true dart lovers and those striving for great darts.


Dartskins Tennis is a contest where rallies and winners are the name of the game. Just like traditional tennis, the ball moves back and forth over the net until someone hits a winner or forces an error. The best part of Dartskins Tennis is enjoying the comfort of playing on your home court!


Swap your driver for darts and challenge yourself and your rivals as you make your way around the Dartskins Golf Course. Compete with any number of players but beware, bunkers and hazards await to penalise wayward darts. Your golf clubs might be packed away, but you can still chase that elusive hole-in-one or sub-par round


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