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Dimitri Van Den Bergh G2 Darts 90 Tungsten

Target Darts Dimitri Van Den Bergh Gen 2 Darts Specifications:

Brand: Target
Darts Material: Tungsten 90%
Darts Weight: 21g, 23g, 25g

Player endorsed – used by the ‘Dream Maker’, Dimitri Van den Bergh.

The Dimitri Van Den Bergh Generation 2 Steel tip dart has been designed alongside the ‘Dream Maker’ to his exact requirements. The result is a beautifully designed 90% tungsten dart which suits a variety of grips. The combination of grips and neutral profile allows for Dimitri to grip the dart perfectly every time and is then further enhanced by the DX Swiss Points which feature 3 varieties of grip on the point. Completing this Generation 1 dart is a Pro Grip sand and Dimitri Flight Range.

Barrel Design: Similar to his Generation 1, the 90% tungsten barrel is tapered at the nose and features a combination of radial grooves running throughout the rear and centre of the barrel. At the front, the barrel features nano grooves for additional grip.


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