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Condor Axe Flights Bullfighter Small

Condor Axe Flights Bullfighter Small

A hard CONDOR flight using a special resin that is said to be new material in the 21st century.
The mass production method that makes full use of the new material has been improved and the screw shape has been significantly improved.

CONDOR AX player model print series!
The first design flight of Jose De Sousa!

Features・ Wings with ultra-thin specifications with
an elastic force of 0.4 mm like a spring. Even if you crush it with your finger, it will return to its original position and maintain a perfect 90 degree. ・ Unprecedented elasticity and extraordinary durability ・ Heavier than the conventional CONDOR: 1.42g CONDOR AX: 1.60g * Measured with Small L / Weight of only one ・ Comfortable sound of flight collision Furthermore, the shaft is hard Therefore, it is possible to aim differently from the conventional CONDOR. 

Specifications Flight shape: Small Shaft size: S / M / L Shaft length: S 21.5mm / M 27.5mm / L 33.5mm (excluding screw thread).


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