Devon Petersen Type 2 Darts 95 Tungsten 22g only

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Devon Petersen Type 2 Darts

By making fine improvements to the cut design on the barrel, the Type2 features unparalleled propulsion performance.
With a win at the PDC 2020 German Darts Championship, 2020 was a great year for Devon as his ranking jumped up from 60th to 25th. In order to achieve even greater results, additional enhancements are introduced in this model.
By adding grooves in between the simple shark cut from the previous model, this prevents the dart from slipping and allows for a smooth transfer of energy onto the dart in order to propel the dart towards the target.
At the front of the barrel, new rough cuts were applied that will provide a new sensation when held. This new cut also acts as the perfect assist in allowing for an even distribution of tension when gripped. As Devon places his middle finger at the very front of the barrel, improvements were made by replacing the original cut with a thinner and finer cut to allow for a better gripping feel.

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